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There’s a particular bit of misinformation I often see floating around in SeraMyu trivia posts and on musical fansites/wikis that I’d like to address briefly.

“Yoda Shuusuke is the only male actor to have appeared as a female character in the entire run of the musicals.”

This is false. The performer credited as Yoda Shuusuke in several musicals, with roles such as Nephrite in Starlights Ryuusei Densetsu and Petz in the revision of Black Lady, is Yoda Karen, a transwoman. Please stop misgendering her.

I understand there’s no malicious intent and that people just aren’t aware (she transitioned after the Myus went on hiatus and I don’t honestly expect too many people to keep up with the lives of SeraMyu cast members), but please stop spreading this as an “interesting fact”. Thank you.


Utena+ textposts part 3

Part 1/ Part 2/ Extra (something similar I did some time ago)

"I suppose it’s back to the fight."

"At least we threw one hell of a party. Probably the last one."


Hi, Jet! Goggles gave me intense Puu feels yesterday and it seems I worded lots?

Maybe this should go under a cut or something, I am unsure.

It’s a bit lengthy so I slipped it under a cut, but do yourselves a favour and read this. Read it now. Read every beautiful painful word.

Every single section brought a new emotion and each was more devastating than the last.

This was absolutely everything I wanted.

You need to word lots all the time. ALL THE TIME.

-=Jet Wolf

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Hm, I just realised I never actually reblogged this.

A ficlet I wrote a while ago (maybe even for Femslash February?), prompted by some Pluto/Serenity stuff being thrown around on Jet’s blog. Fits rather well with the recent Pluto outburst I had, methinks.

haruka, don’t worry. i like your hands.

me: ah yes i am watching another episode of this magnificent anime that provides thoughtful commentary on gender roles and a deconstruction of fairy tale tropes.....
me: did spicy curry just blow up a building


I was a foolish willful girl, playing at the game of thrones like a drunkard rolling dice.

crunchbuttsteak asked: Have you ever considered Senshi x Akayashi sisters?

I can’t say that I have!

Not sure I’m the right person for this question, though. I’m not actually that into R (although the Ayakashi sisters are probably my favourite part of it, alongside Pluto and the more “meta” Crystal Tokyo stuff) and if I ship, I tend to stick to Senshi x Senshi ships. And I don’t generally get Senshi x [group] shipping, because that always seems forced and artificial and overly “neat” (only one of the reasons for my dislike of Senshi x Shitennou, but I digress) and the way these two groups are matched up in canon (being as the sisters are presented as the Inners’ counterparts and similar in a lot of ways) gives some pretty weird pairings (for some reason I am having particular trouble with Mako and Petz? I’m just really not seeing it, sorry).

If you do consider the whole “dark counterpart” bit, you can sort of remake popular Senshi pairings with them? Say, instead of Reinako go with Rei x Calaveras or Minako x Koan. Same with Mako x Berthier or Ami x Petz. Might be interesting to explore a bit, who knows. I’m not too keen, personally, but I’m sure it could go places.

On an individual level, though, some of them might make for interesting ships? Rei and Koan come to mind as a pretty nice relationship that could make for a cute ship, for me. Yeah, I think I could sail that, no problem.

I’m releasing this question into the wild.

Hey, look, innocent replies to a perfectly inconspicuous post. Why don’t I go off reminiscing and just word all over them?

fortythousandth replied to your post “I thought it would be convenient to make a list of names I’ve gone by…”

I spent almost my entire senior year of high school roleplaying Enjolras (yes, entirely in French) with some of my friends for a long term project in French class. I got an A and as a bonus now know how to incite a riot in French, winning all around.

Oh my god FT how are you even real. And where can I attend this French class.

OK, but, as huge a part of my teen fandom life as Les Mis was, and as much as I am into uprisings, revolutions and the People, I was and still am very firmly in the part of fandom that was all about Javert and Valjean (yeah I dig them Barricade Boys, too, but to a far lesser extent).

During high school a ridiculous percentage of my social interaction happened via MSN. I had a fandom buddy who lived in Austria who I spent hours chatting with. We also RPed (he was Javert, I was Valjean, we were both ridiculous), read Vidocq’s memoirs and even wrote a fic together.

At one point the two of us got it into our heads that it would be totally cool to pretend we were Jacobins. So, uh, we did that for a while, and called each other Citoyen and had weird in-jokes making fun of Danton and erm. But somehow we were really into The Scarlet Pimpernel at the very same time. Weird kids.

I also got super into Balzac and then wrote a multi-chapter fic (which will never, ever see the light of day) in which Vautrin meets Jean Valjean right after his sewer crawl and wants to recruit him into the Sûreté and things just kinda roll from there. What can I say.

submarine-violin-tide replied to your post “I was tagged by submarine-violin-tide. Put your iPod on shuffle and…”

FT got tagged by world submerge. :) but now it must be done because two tags!! And bohemian rhapsody!!! *squeaks happy squeaks*

It honestly surprised me by spitting out only one Queen song, since anything with music on it in my possession ends up somewhere around Good Omens levels of turning everything into Queen – and this phone has the entirety of Queen and Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack and A Night At The Opera on it, plus significant chunks of other albums. It just turned out more of a video game OST day, I guess.

However, QUEEN. Real talk, though. If I ever was a fan of a band, it was Queen. To the occasionally embarrassing “I own (authorised?) biographies of members and can talk for hours about things behind particular songs and various behind-the-stage shenanigans” levels. I mean, I spent a large part of my late teenage years feeling genuinely sad I only got to share the planet with Freddie Mercury for a few months (this was Meaningful to me at the time, idk). I (crappily) taught myself the basics of playing bass guitar because John Deacon was an electrical engineer like I was going to be and this seemed somehow relevant (I realised at some point I should just stick to piano which I can, you know, actually play, so my bassist career was sadly cut short. I also did not in fact have a band or any hope of forming one so, uh, yeah).

Anyway, I own and pretty much know by heart their entire discography, including what albums and compilations came out after Freddie died, both Freddie’s and Brian May’s solo stuff (never really that into Roger Taylor, I guess? sorry, man), their entire Flash Gordon OST, and Barcelona oh my god Barcelona (which is the absolute best and ties nicely into my love of opera in general also it’s just really divine music and everyone should listen to it, go go go).

Unrelated, but wow am I impressed by your RP experience.

I’ve been part of the same gaming/roleplaying group since I was 15. We started out as a D&D crew (3e and 3.5e) but we’ve been through an incredible amount of d20 systems, GURPS, FATE, obscure indie stuff, custom/homebrew stuff, you name it. I have all my character sheets stashed somewhere and I completely know how what you mean when you say you could dust some of them off and play, because it’s been ages since I’ve even thought about some of these people (and that’s certainly what they felt like) but I somehow know exactly where to find them in my head.

Beyond that, any RP I’ve done has been via messenger/chats (plus I think very briefly on a Rohan RP forum but I never quite got into that format).

 (And while I am all about Rohan and Numenor when it comes to LotR, Elrohir and Erestor, are you kidding me, I think I’m in love.)

…woah, this post is a mess.

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