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the blind bandit.


my sexuality: this picture, norrington, look at him, he looks like a gin soaked dish rag, but he out cheated all the other cheaters in the game, and now he’s standing in front of the most powerful man in the world looking like he’s fucking untouchable, because he’s got the best hand and he knows it,

"Sounds like Harley didn’t waste time getting into trouble." - Robin
"She’s good at that." - Batman (Harley’s Holiday)


Haruka/Michiru fans: What do you headcanon that Haruka and Michiru call each other as pet names? Do they go by “Ruka” and “Michi”? Do they also use more generic terms such as “love”, “dear”, “darling” etc? I default to “babe” and “baby” but I’m thinking that’s because that’s what I use and they may not be the terms of choice for our lovely couple. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

I TRIED TO FIT THIS INTO A REPLY, ha ha ha. But as I am Dickensian trash I failed and I apologise. So here’s how I personally go about things, in more detail than you ever asked for.

I don’t really see them habitually using pet names at all (and from what I know it’s not really a thing in Japan, which I usually attempt to stick to as a setting? Leaving out the honorifics was already a big enough deal). But I could completely see Michiru dropping a very pointed “love” or “dear” or “darling” (some of the more fancy and old-fashioned sounding ones, as Doc mentioned) to make a point of some sort. Or warning.

So yeah, on a particular or special occasion here and there or when extra feelsy situations are happening, but not as an everyday thing, for me. I know I’m a bit extreme here but I personally don’t even go for the commonly accepted “Ruka” and “Michi” and I really don’t think they’d ever let anyone (and by anyone I mostly mean the Inners here) hear them call each other cutesy things. While they do have their moments, I actually headcanon them as generally rather private people who make their rare PDAs that are more than some HANDS or those cute head-on-shoulder lean-cuddles super special and meaningful and statements, if necessary (like, dunno, WE’RE DYING, HOLD MY HAND, but a bit less extreme and rare than that, one hopes). It might be good to mention that I see the sort of “relaxation” trend visible between S and Stars continuing afterwards, especially if they get a longer stretch of peaceful days post-Galaxia, as is implied, so who knows. But Michiru will always be coy and Haruka will always be flustered at the slightest thing, so.

I can also totally see Haruka attempting to be smooth (or endearing if she’s done something wrong, hah) with some of the more out-there ones, like the “mermaid” someone brought up and similar. And Michiru probably just laughs it off and is all “really, Haruka, really?” with a perfectly arched eyebrow and an ~ara or two thrown in for good measure, but inside she is secretly all mushy and melting over the ridiculous adorkableness (I’m actually pretty convinced that’s increasingly becoming a normal state of existence for her re:Haruka).

Yeah, I know their subtlety is probably a holdover from the Hide Your Lesbians but it’s firmly stuck in my head now, making other things just seem weird, honestly. Seeing those two be very outwardly lovey-dovey in typical cutesy ways really clashes with my image of them and gets kinda jarring sometimes.

TL;DR pet names maybe but mostly on Michiru’s part except when Haruka is being a huge dork and almost exclusively in private






Yūga being extra smooth while performing Moonlight Legend at Japan Expo (x)

Tuxedo Mask becomes so much more compelling to me when played by a woman, sign me up, I am HERE for this.

That wink

breathes heavily

that wink

Lady Tuxedo Mask is the best Tuxedo Mask.


uh? by Kenda-Oh


After all, there are no such things in this world as miracles”

Fic: Felix Felicis Part One, HPSM AU-Verse, ~2350 words


Part Two incoming shortly, hopefully!

In which Haruka, Minako, and Makoto team up to produce the Best Valentine’s Day Ever, much to the collective dismay of their respective significant others.

Set later on in everyone’s time at Hogwarts because we finally have established MakoAmi, Reinako, and HaruMichi, and written entirely because I really like buddytime explorations of Haruka And Her Inners and Michiru And Her Inners. Also, I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY except maybe someday I’ll write a serious heartwrenching thing taking place in this universe, but that day, my friends, is most definitely not today.

I have to wear a hard hat now, apparently. Workspace regulations, inspections, big boss coming to visit, stuff.


You’re not late! And yay, I’m glad you’re back!

You’re a complete sweetheart and I love coming to your blog for my nice daily dose of cute OTP fanart. It was really fun talking to you about kinky rope-related things, too, khm. Not to mention your hair game is simply AMAZING.

You sometimes post about the crap you get in queer spaces as a femme and it makes me livid and want to punch people, honestly, because they are horrible and awful and WRONG and you should have nice things happen to you always. I hope you get all the nice bois you want in your life.

It’s also great to see someone share my FILTHYCOMMUNISTUNAMERICAN views on the importance of worker unions and such.

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