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Anonymous asked: No shit, that's Galaxia?! Cool :D Yeah, I meant that one, Watashi wa. It was shown on national television around noon, I'd eat lunch really fast so as not to be late for the opening.. GOOD TIMES :') p.s. no worries about the world tour post, it's not like there's a deadline :) - fexa

She’s a pretty established anime singer, apparently, with a ton of openings and themes under her belt. She also sang MAKENAI for the 20th anniversary tribute album. And during the promotional MTV concert thingy for that she sang the Candy, Candy theme, as well (I turned that on today for some background music and was surprised when it came on, heh).

And there’s always Galaxia’s image song aka one of my favourite things ever.

I don’t understand people who skip the opening when they watch an anime, I really don’t. Even when I’m marathoning or binge-watching something I always watch them.


Sailor Moon Meme: [3/3] Supporting Characters
Queen Serenity

Cosmic Chessmaster Pluto:




Anonymous asked: Do you have a link or more info for the "Machiavellian Chessmaster Pluto" stuff? I find it interesting that it was a thing at all.

I think I originally talked some about my problems with it here, with such choice excerpts as:

Here’s another thing, and a bit of a digression, but hey we’re wording here so why not: I dislike it when people project what I feel are some of Michiru’s defining traits onto Setsuna. This used to be a much bigger deal before, especially in fics (especially the eleventy billion Ranma crossovers – which could be perfectly written accurate representations of both universes, and then, suddenly, BAM! The Main Villain Was Pluto All Along sets in) and I guess it comes from the anime not really featuring Setsuna that much, making her seem all aloof and mysterious? Add in a bit of that ever-present desire to make things dark and gritty and dystopian, especially canon utopias as Crystal Tokyo is supposed to be, and I guess I can see how the trend could have come about.

What I know comes mostly from reading almost two decades’ worth of fic in a little over two years and picking up on trends (and getting pretty annoyed with some of them, like this one).

I won’t link to any particular fics (since I’m very uncomfortable with the “public shaming” aspect of (bad)fic callouts). If you feel like it, you can rummage around some (older) stuff on FFN, dotmoon and what’s left of ASMR here. A pretty big chunk of the fics that feature Evil!Pluto are Ranma crossovers (another very noticeable fandom trend and basically an entire fic subgenre - look up Fuku Fic if you’re interested in that).

Succinctly put, Pluto:

1) wants Endymion/Mamoru for herself (there is actually a fic in which Endymion turns out to be the big bad and Pluto betrays the other Outers because he’s seduced her to the side of evil using her loneliness and unrequited love for him and whatnot)

2) is actually behind everything that ever happens and is doing horrible things while manipulating the timeline in order to bring about Crystal Tokyo, not caring who she has to sacrifice to achieve her ends (this one often goes hand in hand with the “Crystal Tokyo is a Dystopia of Brainwashed Drones” and Tyrant!NQS tropes, I actually recently stumbled upon an interesting discussion of this here)

3) is obsessed with Serenity and wants to bring back the Silver Millennium exactly as it was (or as close as she can get it, usually destroying the Earth/humanity in the process)

4) some combination of the above

While the first fic to do this might have been interesting and innovative, after seeing dozens of them harping on this and insisting on taking Sailor Moon down some pretty overdone and frankly boring grimdark 2edgy4u routes I’m kinda done with it all, and I just feel like reminding people that whenever Pluto interferes with the timeline the only person she actually ends up sacrificing is herself.

In conclusion, popsicle.





Warner Bros. Catapults DC Ahead of Marvel in Superhero Diversity Race

Gal Gadot’s “Wonder Woman,” Ray Fisher’s “Cyborg”, Jason Momoa’s “Aquaman” and Ezra Miller’s “Flash” mark milestones for the genre

While all eyes have looked to Marvel to produce a female-led superhero film, Warner Bros. and DC Comics catapulted ahead in the race on Wednesday with the announcement of a solo “Wonder Woman” film, starring Gal Gadot. The film is set to release in 2017.

Additionally, Warner Bros announced “Aquaman,” starring Jason Momoa, will be released in 2018 and gave the greenlight to a solo “Cyborg” film, to be released in 2020, starring African-American actor Ray Fisher.

DC also made history by casting out LGBT actor Ezra Miller to play superspeedster “The Flash,” getting his own solo film in 2018. Miller, who confirmed to Out Magazine that he was “queer” in 2012, becomes the first openly gay actor to lead a major superhero comic book adaptation on the big screen.

Why does this have less notes that that stupid Marvel/DC “on your left” gif?

So the guy explicitly identifies as queer and says “The way I would choose to identify myself wouldn’t be gay. I’ve been attracted mostly to ‘shes’ but I’ve been with many people and I’m open to love wherever it can be” and this makes him an “openly gay actor” ok. Ok.

Besides that I have nothing to add but yes, thank you, and finally.


“The key to Luna is that she has that unbelievably rare quality of actually not giving a damn what anyone else thinks of her.” - J.K. Rowling

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